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Research to meet your needs
We can help you with many  research projects. Our expertise covers employment matters, economic & social research where we can use our established face to face and telephone interviewing skills to help you gather data for your project.

We can design, conduct and analyse employee attitude and satisfaction surveys and we can help you deal with the outcomes to achieve positive change. This can include on line or paper questionnaires, facilitated focus groups and  one to one interviews.

We can help you identify why staff leave by speaking to them on your behalf, and we can speak to potential job applicants on your behalf, confidentially if required, to establish their interest in changing jobs.

There is no ‘standard approach’.  We start from a good understanding of your objectives, and use our experience to find solutions for you.
When we  carry out research, we set out the criteria for respondent confidentiality at the start, and we take care to protect the identity of individuals.  This is particularly important in employee attitude surveys where it is essential to build and maintain trust.

We do not carry out market research for 3rd parties with a view to promoting or selling their products or services.
For a no-obligation confidential initial discussion, please call or e-mail