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Our aim is to work closely with you in a practical, productive and open way.  In order to have a clear understanding of the business relationship the standard terms of business set out below will apply unless both parties have specifically agreed to a variation.
Initial Agreement
An initial discussion is free of charge.  Normally this discussion will be in person but may be by telephone or e-mail exchange.  Following an initial discussion we will normally produce a proposal either by letter or e-mail.  This will set out the nature of the work, the charges and the expected duration.
Charges may be quoted on a per diem, per hour or per project basis depending on the nature of the work.  Expenses will be added at the prevailing HMRC AMAP rate for car travel, or public transport fares where appropriate.  Reasonable subsistence incurred wholly in carrying out your work will also be invoiced at cost and this may include overnight stays when necessary.
Materials may be charged for if required for presentations, handouts, tests etc., and this will be agreed with you in advance.  Materials used in the production of reports and advice will not be charged.
Payment terms
Invoices will be presented at the end of any project, or monthly for projects which extend beyond one month. Payment is due within 30 days and interest may be charged on overdue invoices calculated monthly at the LIBOR rate plus 4%.
Client Property
Any data or written material belonging to you which is used in the course of any work will be stored securely and treated confidentially, and will either be returned to you or destroyed (at your choice) at the end of the assignment or when no longer required.  Any electronic data which has information relating to individuals or is commercially sensitive will be saved with a password and will be deleted using a secure file deletion utility when no longer required.
Project Execution
We will agree key dates for project work and will make every effort to meet those dates.  In the event of 'force majeure' (for example serious illness or major disruption of services) making it impossible for us to complete the work we will inform you promptly and if possible propose an alternative date or alternative provider.
Report and Document Format
Written work produced for you, such as any employee information documents, will be supplied in MS Word (or other MS Office product) or plain text (at your choice) and will not include graphic design.
During the course of an assignment both parties may well exchange confidential or sensitive information.  The recipient shall use best efforts to keep such information secret and not disclose it without the prior written consent of the other party.  In certain situations the fact the RJC Resources has carried out a project for a particular client may itself be confidential therefore the business relationship shall not be used for publicity or marketing purposes without the express written permission of all parties involved.
Any procedure, document, process or other information and advice that is provided remains the property of the provider:  the client has unlimited use of such property but it is for use by the client organisation only and is not to be disclosed, sold or lent to other parties without our express consent.
As we have no control over the manner in which the client acts or does not act on any advice or information we provide,  we do not accept liability for any action taken or ommission made by the client as a result of the work that we undertake. By working with us you agree and accept that our liability is limited to the total fee (excluding expenses) paid by you to us for a particular project or agreed period of support.
Financial Advice & commissions
We do not give financial advice to clients or to their employees. Any information for clients or employees on benefits such as medical insurance or stakeholder pensions is based on the facts of the relevant scheme and any relevant legislation, and it is up to the recipient to make their own decision.  We do not take commission from providers or intermediaries.
Should the client cancel a project or assignment after work has commenced and before it has been completed, the client will be invoiced for any work delivered, preparation time, materials, or expenses already incurred.  If the cancellation is communicated less than 7 days before any event or meeting the client may be charged at the per diem rate for that event or meeting.
RJC Resources is the trading style of Richard Cowling and Janet Cowling. Both are qualified professionals in their respective fields.  Invoices will be normally be presented by, and be and payable to, the named person who carries out your assignment.